Dr. Alix Bjorklund is the founder of Qi, Inc.
Everything, including one's self, that exists in the universe is a manifestation of energy. This energy is called Qi. Qi is the invisible force that gives life to all living matter. Qi is our vital life force, and the force of qi in our body depends on the balance of yin and yang. Disharmony of qi leads to disease, pain and imbalance. At Qi, Inc., our intention is to bring this natural balance of qi, yin and yang back to your body.

Qi, Inc. is comprised of Doctors of Oriental Medicine Alix P. Bjorklund and Christi A. Alsop, Healthcare Practitioner Ilseanel Gonzalez, and Office Manager Marcia Joni Smith.

We believe in the work we do. We work as a team and, we feel blessed to be doing this work. It is deep listening, awake observation, compassion and knowledge that set us apart.

Our Clinic is open 6 days a week, with evening hours available to meet your life's demands. We accept almost all insurance plans; and we do the billing for you. Our intention is to make it very easy for you. We pride ourselves in running on time, as we respect your commitment to your self care.

Attention is paid to every detail, including the colors in the office, the music, and the environment as a whole. We think of our office space as sanctuary. It is the place our clients come to restore, rest, and rejuvenate.

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"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
harold whitman


ALIX P. BJORKLUNDDr. Alix Bjorklund was introduced to the healing powers of Oriental Medicine in 1990. After graduating from Iowa State University, she was working as a part-time nanny for a family of five when the wife was diagnosed with stage-four breast cancer. The mother chose to complement traditional medical treatments with acupuncture and Alix saw firsthand the role alternative therapies played in her recovery. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dr. Alix went on to get her postgraduate training at the renown International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe in 1991. Over the years, her training's with herbalists Dr. Zhou, Drs. Michael and Nancy Zeng and mindfulness, stress-reduction expert and Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Daniel Bruce, have helped shape the focus of her private practice.

Today Dr. Alix approaches healing in a holistic way that integrates acupuncture, herbs, supplements, nutritional counseling, stress management and meditation in the treatment of illness. Her personal and professional studies of Vipassana Meditation and Buddhist philosophy strongly influence the nature of care she offers her clients. This results in a unique and deep experience of healing. Her specialties include cancer, autoimmune disorders, pain, women’s health, hepatitis C and psychological issues.

Outside the office, she has had an active leadership role in the local healing community and has serves on the New Mexico Board of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She also was the clinical director of the Santa Fe Women's Health Services Oriental Medicine postgraduate Residency Program from 2000-2003. She is board certified by the NCCAOM and the state of New Mexico.

A compassionate humanitarian and volunteer, Dr. Alix has taught acupuncture at village hospitals in Burma/Myanmar where practitioners treat up to 50 patients a day. She also enjoys her time as a Big Sister. Dr. Alix is also an avid skiier and hiker.

ALIX P. BJORKLUND"what is needed is to learn afresh, to observe, and to discover for ourselves,
the meaning of wholeness."
david bohm




Dr. Christie AlsopDr. Christi Alsop, DOM

Dr. Alsop graduated from New Mexico State University in 1992 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Community Health, and earned her Masters Degree from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in 1995. That same year she became nationally board certified by the NCCAOM and a member of the American Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Association. She served on the Board of the Oriental Medicine Association of New Mexico for two years. Dr. Alsop also has certificates in Pediatric Oriental Medicine from Blue Poppy Inc. and has completed continuing education units in women’s health and autoimmune disorders.


Dr. Alsop received her first acupuncture treatment at age 14. She believes the effectiveness of these treatments allowed her to enjoy an allergy-free young adult life, and inspired her to pursue a career in Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Alsop maintained a large practice in Las Cruces, NM before returning to Santa Fe, where she began working with Dr. Alix Bjorklund at Women’s Health Services. This deeply positive interaction resulted in her joining Dr. Bjorklund’s practice in 2000. Since then, Dr. Alsop hasacupuncture focused on women’s health, fertility, and pediatric issues. She has three children of her own, each of whom has received the benefit of her treatments and whose responses have helped to inform the choices she makes in her practice. She remains steadfast in her belief that a combination of acupuncture and herbs can be highly effective in treating a variety of childhood ailments including colic, common colds and flu, allergies both airborne and food based, asthma, and migraines. In adults, she has had success in alleviating back pain and overcoming digestive disorders. Her practice incorporates elements of both Japanese and Chinese therapy, moxibustion, nutritional instruction and homeopathy. When not working, she loves spending time with her children and animals, exploring Santa Fe and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Alsop works closely with local MD’s, dentists, massage therapists and chiropractors and continues to feel a passion to improve the wellness of the community in which she lives.

Ilseanel Gonzalez

Ilseanel Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. A certified Yoga instructor, Reiki Master, Sound Therapist and Theta Healing practitioner she creates a safe and supportive space for her clients to heal and resolve issues in private sessions. A lifelong spiritual seeker, Ilseanel actively practices yoga, meditation in daily rituals and ceremony deriving inspiration that powers her healing practice.

bowlA Master of Crystology and a student of Shamanic Studies, Ilseanel gently guides her clients on an inward journey that enables them to claim their own power and wisdom to self heal. She is a channel for healing energy and addresses mental, physical and spiritual issues in sessions. Healing sessions may include Reiki, Reflexology, Sound Therapy with crystal bowls, guided affirmation and imagery, massage, ritual, ceremony, spiritual.

crystalsH.H.P Certified, Healing Hands School of Holistic Health
Certified Yoga Instructor, Sundara School of Yoga
Shamanic studies, Four Winds Society
Licensed Massage Therapist, State of New Mexico #6813
Has studied with Master teachers and is Certified in Crystology, Reiki, Meditation and Sound Therapy.

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