Happy Summer Equinox

Happy Summer Solstice!  Today, the longest day of the year is a day of celebration for all that is alive, including ourselves.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a Five Element Theory, that is used as metaphor to help explain the co-creation and interacting aspect of our lives and our health.  According to this five element theory, summer is the element of fire.  Summer is a yang season.  The days are long and bright, all the plants are growing and beginning to bear fruit.  It is a season of growth, expansion, outward movement, expression, and creativity.

It is a time that we are best supported by awakening with the early morning sun.  To be nourished by the sun just as the plants. This is a time of personal growth and outward expansion and expression of who we really are.  A time to celebrate our highest Self.  To connect with the divine and the extraordinary.  Express your love and your humor, be of generous spirit, move with passion.

The organ of this season is the heart.  Open your heart to all things, love and pain.  Be willing to bear witness to the suffering on our planet.  This will help you to fully open to compassion.  Be present with all that is. Express your love to others.

If you find yourself over stimulated, having trouble sleeping or feeling anxious, these can be signs that your heart yin is deficient.  This can be soothed by drinking chamomile tea, eating jujube, basil, lemon and brown rice.  Of course Chinese herbs are very helpful for this syndrome.

Meditation and mindfulness practice are essential in the summer as a means to keep us present and to balance the yang energy with yin energy.

Foods that best nourish us during this time are brightly colored fruits and vegetables.  Be creative in your meal planning and share this time with  friend and family.  If heat is an issue, eat more cooling foods such as salads, sprouts, apples, & fruit, cucumber, tofu & mint.  Keep your meals small and of course drink plenty of fluids.

Enjoy the expression of your summer!

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