Fighting Inflammation

Many diseases are caused by inflammation in the body. It can be the cause of anything from arthritis to cancer. What causes inflammation? To name a few, prolonged stress and excess cortisol being excreted, and poor nutrition.
We live in a stressful world, our lives can be very stressful. A regular Meditation practice is the balance to this overwhelming stress. Meditation is not really about quieting the mind, although that is terrific if it happens. I like to think of it as a gentle returning to the breath, this present moment. Even 5 minutes a day, of deep breathing and being mindful of your breath, can help slow down the cortisol production and help to relax your body and mind. Start practicing today!
Begin with 5 minutes of deep breathing, focus on your breath, the inhale and the exhale. As your mind wanders, which is going to happen, simply gently bring your mind back to your breath-return. You will soon find that you will be doing more than 5 minutes a day, because it feels good.

Processed foods, wheat, and sugar can cause inflammation in your body. Try eliminating even 40% of those foods from your diet and I know you will feel better. Shop the outer section of the grocery stores, that is where you will find the fresh fruits and veggies. Eat complex grains like quinoa. Try using coconut or almond flour. If your grandmother wouldn’t recognize what you are eating, you probably should not eat it.

Maria Emmerich has written a couple great books; Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism; and she has a Facebook page. She offers wonderful recipes.

Reduce the inflammation and feel more alive.

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