Springtime Allergies

Now is the time to start preparing your body for allergy season. Here in New Mexico the warm days are confusing the trees and the pollen is building.

Reduce your intake of sugar and dairy; and eat more protein and root veggies. Drink plenty of water, hydration is important.
Take B vitamins specifically B5, panothenic acid. B5 helps to support the overworked adrenals. The adrenal glands go into flight mode if you have allergies, adding an adrenal glandular is helpful, too. Take 2-5,000 mg of Vitamin C, or Quercetin/day. Using a homeopathic nasal spray and or a netti pot is very useful.

Here at Qi, Inc. we carry many chinese herbals and homeopathics which can help to relieve your allergy symptoms. Acupuncture reduces headache, fatigue and nasal and lung symptoms. I recommend once a week treatments during allergy season.

When you come in to your house after an outdoor activity, remove your shoes and outer clothing immediately, to reduce the pollen debris in your home. Wipe your animal’s fur with a damp towel, as well.
Be mindful of any stressors that may be further depleating your Qi.
As always bring meditation to your daily life. Even 5 minutes a day can do wonders for your immune system.

Happy Spring to all.

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