Happy New Year

winter skyHappy New Year. I hope you all felt the shift; letting go of fear and opening to love is the “mantra” for this Aquarian age.

Winter is the element of water, the organ of kidney and Urinary Bladder. Winter is yin. Yin energy is receptive and introspective; it is a time to restore our spiritual energy and to store physical energy.
The emotion is fear, the color is blue/black. It is the time to observe your fears and let the silence of snow soften your mood and quiet your mind.

Caring for your body during the cold and long winter days can be challenging. We need to rest and restore; but we need to keep this balanced with movement. Days spent inside with forced air heat can be drying to our skin and nasal passages. Leaving for work and getting home from work in the dark can leave us drained and unmotivated. The qi(vital force) in our body needs movement in order to keep our immune system strong. I prefer to ski and snowshoe for activity, but if you do not like the cold, you can work out indoors, fast walk in the mall,or do qi gong or yoga. Whatever you chose, do it daily. I recommend acupuncture at least once a month to help balance your qi and strengthen your immunity.

Eat warm hearty soups and stews, whole grains, aduki and black beans; and eat warm, salty, bitter foods.

Enjoy the winter! Listen to the silence and meditate. Blessings to all.

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