Dr. Alix Bjorklund was introduced to the healing powers of Oriental Medicine in 1990. After graduating from Iowa State University,she was working as a part-time nanny for a family of five when the wife was diagnosed with stage-four breast cancer. The mother chose to complement traditional medical treatments with acupuncture and Alix saw firsthand the role alternative therapies played in her recovery. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dr. Alix went on to get her postgraduate training at the renown International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe in 1991.
Over the years, her training’s with herbalists Dr. Zhou, Drs. Michael and Nancy Zeng and mindfulness, stress-reduction expert
and Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Daniel Bruce, have helped shape the focus of her private practice.

Today Dr. Alix approaches healing in a holistic way that integrates acupuncture, herbs, supplements, nutritional counseling,
stress management and meditation in the treatment of illness. Her personal and professional studies of Vipassana Meditation
and Buddhist philosophy strongly influence the nature of care she offers her clients. This results in a unique and deep experience of healing. Her specialties include cancer, autoimmune disorders, pain, women’s health, hepatitis C and psychological issues.

Outside the office, she has had an active leadership role in the local healing community and has serves on the New Mexico Board of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She also was the clinical director of the Santa Fe Women’s Health Services Oriental Medicine postgraduate Residency Program from 2000-2003. She is board certified by the NCCAOM and the state of New Mexico.

A compassionate humanitarian and volunteer, Dr. Alix has taught acupuncture at village hospitals in Burma/Myanmar where practitioners treat up to 50 patients a day. She also enjoys her time as a Big Sister. Dr. Alix is also an avid skiier and hiker.

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