"A lifetime of unconscious reactivity is likely to increase our risk of eventual breakdown and illness significantly." 
                  jon kabit zin.


"thank you so much. What you have done for me has make the most difference out of everything. What I have been going through is so difficult and just seeing your face made me smile."

Zoe age 13

"The entire retreat was an incredibly valuable experience. Particular standouts were the incredible beauty of the day and surroundings, the respectful and reverent tone of the day evoked by Alix and Ilsie, and the noble silence, walking meditation, body scan, and letter to ourselves."

Linda B retreat participant

"I encourage anyone in need of healing and wholeness to visit the sacred space created by the loving staff of Qi, Inc. From the moment you enter, the care that Dr. Alix and her staff have energized this nurturing environment with, is evident. A special grace has surrounded me and calmed me over the last decade, whenever I have visited this remarkable practitioner."


"Dr. Alix was recommended to me by a fellow cancer survivor. I had seven weeks of chemotherapy and daily radiation for throat cancer. I soon came to look forward to my sessions with her as my place of rest in the storm of painful treatments. She provided a peaceful and healing yin to balance the yang of my grueling medical process."



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